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Orędzie Burmistrza Gminy Kozienice na 2017 rok



Dear All, Inhabitants and Visitors of Kozienice municipality,

The previous year 2016 encourages reflection, summaries as well as it encourages us to create plans for the coming year 2017. Therefore, I would like to share with You the information on what we have managed to achieve together. How are we going to meet the joint expectations and implement the joint plans by means of the adopted budget for 2017 in the near future?

The past year was most of all the first full year of operation of the Culture and Art Center. It was the biggest investment of the local government of the Kozienice Municipality, bigger even – as to the value - than the value of our Aquapark in Kozienice. We have managed to combine in one object in a perfect location various expectations of citizens regarding culture and art. Undoubtedly, our beautiful town deserves it. I am very glad that you, Dear Inhabitants, evaluated the Center very well and the Center continues to pulse with cultural life. It is a multi-functional object where everyone can find something interesting. The cinema, café, multimedia  library, Culture Center with a wide range of opportunities, Music School, underground car park.

Interest in the cinema exceeded our highest expectations. Additionally, there are musical concerts, theatre performances, cinema premieres, thematic cinema for the curious ones, for seniors, as well as religious films. All of this makes that the number of visitors in the Center is high and simultaneously it confirms the usefulness and rationale of this beautiful investment.

The whole investment gives the gigantic financial success. Thanks to our long-term efforts, in October 2015, the Management of Mazowieckie Voivodeship announced an additional competition for the key cultural projects from the previous programming period of the EU 2007-2014. Last year our Center received around 23 million of the financial support from the European Union, more than half of the total construction costs! It is the highest investment grant in the history of the municipality.


The actions of the municipality were often noticed by various committees and awarded several times. Last year, among other things, we were awarded the national title of the Investment Leader (the second place in the Mazovia region and the 22nd place in Poland), apart from that we also received the following awards: the Kozienice municipality as the Patron of Art, Mister Camping 2016, Ecopositive of the Mazovian region and others. For me, personally, as the mayor, it is both very cheerful and obliging to receive the national award for the best administrator of the rural and urban municipality.

The year 2016 was important in the development of the municipality. As far as the agriculture and ecology are concerned, we have started together with Provincial Water Facilities and Land Reclamation Management Office to improve water management on the fertile land of the Powiśle Kozienickie, in particular on the estuary of the river Zagożdżonka.

As far as the education is concerned, despite the reduction in the past 10 years in the number of children at schools by more than 1/3, we did not liquidate any schools. One school was spontaneously extinguished. We have improved the availability of all schools for children and teenagers (better transport to schools, extracurricular activities), we have improved the equipment of schools and the system of recruiting the teachers. As a result, teaching quality has been improved, costs have been decreased and none of the hundreds of teachers lost their jobs.

As far the events are concerned, there were, among other things, the Bogusław Klimczuk Pop Music Festival, Days of the Kozienice Forests, Festival of Beauty – Miss Poland and Miss of Teenagers, Cup of Poland in Women Beach Volleyball, Grand Prix in swimming, Cycling Race Around the Mazovian region, Harvest Festival and many more of a smaller scale. It was also the eighth Christmas Eve of inhabitants organized in front of the Aquapark in Kozienice.

In the year 2017 and in subsequent years we may concentrate more on further important investment tasks, which so far have been waiting for implementation, in particular the construction of municipal roads in the town and in the rural areas. The long expected reconstruction of national roads in the territory of the town, the reconstruction of the streets of Radomska, Lubelska and Głowaczowska, which should be started in the current year, is also very important.

And finally the budget of the Kozienice municipality for 2017 adopted by the Town Council on 29 December as I prepared on your behalf – dear Inhabitants. It is the record, highest budget in the history of Kozienice as it contains the already mentioned 23 million Polish zloty of the financial support from the European Union, which will be fully allocated to new investments, including the investments related to the road construction. Together with the investment expenditures  of the Kozienice Municipal Management, we allocate around 40 million Polish zloty to investments!  It is as though we built the next Culture and Art Center within one year!.


            The budget is safe as the debt ratios are well below permitted standards. The budget is safe as it has significant reserves in the tax base, its use is in average 80%, which results in  low local taxes, friendly for investors and local entrepreneurs.

The budget is pro-investment as it assumes the maximizing of the investment expenditures (the record – 40 mln Polish zloty) and the optimizing of the current expenditures. The budget priority is the expenditure on road investments, the commencement and the continuation of the design and the completion of over 40 (!) investments in urban and rural areas. All this suggests that in the current year  the territory of our whole municipality will be one big construction site! In the budget it is also important to revitalize the Palace and Park Complex and the old center of Kozienice (1 Maja street and the square next to the former cultural center).

In the current year, I would like to finish giving an order to the ownership rights to the land along the Warszawska street between the Sportowa and Legionów street. Unfortunately,  it is taking so long as the owner of the land died. If everything goes smoothly, we will start building a New
open-air public space, pedestrian street, urban promenade, which together with the new Culture-Art Centre will be a modern vibrant center of our beautiful city. We are doing our best to obtain for that purpose the financial means from the European Union.

The strengths of the budget are the record amount of 23 million Polish zloty already received from the European Union for investments, still high and stable share of the Municipality’s own revenues in total revenue and fully guaranteed cash for providing all the social services at a high level.

The weak points ? - there are simply no weaknesses in the budget, although it is never possible to meet all expectations of all inhabitants, regardless of the possessed financial means in one budget year.  

The greatest threats to the budget are changes in the education system. Waiving the obligation of the compulsory education for six-year old children led to lower the revenues of the Municipality from the educational subsidy and there is a need to organize more places in kindergartens. The liquidation of middle schools may be onerous while creating the new schools, their costly adaptation to the new regulations, dismissals of many teachers.

The opportunities of the budget are, most of all, the further use of European Union money in the new programming period.

Other priorities of the Municipality in the adopted financial plan are to extend the cooperation with non-governmental organizations that perform own tasks of the Municipality at its request and to increase for this purpose the financial expenditures. In addition to the cooperation with non-governmental organizations, it is also important for the municipality to cooperate with the county and municipal province.

I want to assure you of the further close cooperation of the Kozienice Municipality with the Kozienice County, especially in the area of health (hospital), education and the road construction. We will also develop the cooperation within the Association of Municipalities of the Kozienice Region and the local action group called “Puszcza Kozienicka”. The proven, good relations with the Marshal’s Office will allow us to raise the EU funds  by the municipality. Such actions are simply profitable to the municipality.

The presented plans and specific actions of the Municipality resulting from the adopted budget should improve its attractiveness and competitiveness, improve the quality of social services and improve the quality of life of the Inhabitants in those areas that are dependent on the Municipality – creating the appropriate conditions for the settlement, for the development of the family and for the children upbringing, good education, healthy services, sports – recreation services, the sense of public security and in the longer term also the reduction of the unemployment.

In the New Year – God, give us good health – we wish each other the fulfillment of our goals and dreams, those related to our local community but most of all related to our family communities and the private personal ones, deeply hidden in the heart.

Let good faith in a better future be always greater than the fears related to it. The future depends mainly on us. I wish all of you a good year 2017.


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